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About Insurance

The reality of today’s insurance and how to
take control of your healthcare.

In addition to helping you get answers and relief quickly, another important goal Dr. Marr had in designing his new orthopedics practice at Limber was to improve the patient experience with regard to referrals and dealing with the confusing mix of insurance co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance. 


Why insurance companies bill you for covered services.

Have you ever paid a co-pay for a “covered” doctor visit only to receive a bill a month later for various co-insurance charges because you had not yet met your deductible? It’s confusing and it happens all the time. 

The insurance company reimburses the physician perhaps $300 based on pricing previously negotiated between the doctor and the company. If you haven’t met your deductible, which is most often the case, you end up paying over and above the $40 to $60 co-pay —after the fact— to make up the difference between the charges and the negotiated insurance price. That could leave you with a balance of $150, $250, or more, depending on any imaging or tests you had. You then receive that balance bill from the doctor.


Take control of your healthcare.

Here’s the thing: You can avoid coverage confusion and billing surprises by taking control of your healthcare with Limber Orthopedic and Sports Medicine.


As a new patient, you’ll pay an upfront fee of $250 for an initial exam and consultation. The 40-minute appointment is two or three times as long as you can typically expect in today’s insurance-driven system. This extra time is the key to getting to the root of the issue and establishing a treatment plan. Follow-up appointments, if necessary, are billed at $150. 


It’s simple, it’s completely transparent, and in most cases, you’ll pay about the same — and often even less — than navigating the whole process with “covered” providers. Which is why Dr. Marr decided to avoid working with insurance companies in his new practice. 
The bottom line is that with Limber Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, you’ll avoid the insurance runaround and get back to the life and activities you enjoy sooner, for about the same — and sometimes less — money. Simply put, from transparent pricing to quicker answers and relief, you can expect a better all-round patient experience. So take control of your healthcare and book your initial visit with Limber Orthopedic & Sports Medicine today.

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