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Our Specialists

Meet the team behind your care. Limber's range of medical specialists and health practitioners are dedicated to helping you reach optimal health and wellness. Get to know our team below.


Dr. Casey Ericson, DC

Chiropractic Care

Balancing movement is the key to Dr. Ericson's chiropractic treatment approach. Dr. Ericson utilizes a broad range of techniques which include: diversified manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, fascial release, active stretching, cupping, Graston technique, and Rock tape to create a treatment plan for each individual patient. 

Learn more about Dr. Casey Ericson


Dr. Matt O'Brien, PT

Physical Therapy

Matt is a Physical Therapist, dog-dad, ultrarunner, and outdoor enthusiast who loves helping people move and enjoy life the way they want to. Matt uses his personal experience as a provider and a patient himself to relate to everyone that he treats. He adheres to a strict 1-on-1 policy, dedicating full attention to every patient to achieve their specific goals. 

Learn more about Dr. Matt O'Brien


Alice Outslay

Limber Run and Limber Kids

Alice is a certified USATF running coach, an experienced Youth Fitness Instructor, and an avid runner. 

Alice’s Limber Kids classes incorporate a variety of movements, exercises, and games for a fun, whole-body learning experience for kids of all ages.

 Alice’s Limber Run classes bring running to athletes of all ages and levels in a fun and supportive environment.


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Sandy Betz

Core Stability Instructor

From couch to Pilates, Sandy Betz's fitness journey has been incredible. She's here to support you, no matter your fitness level. Her classes are all about fun, challenge, and igniting your core to help prevent injury and improve performance. She's a certified Yoga Teacher, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, and Barre expert. Join Sandy to make sure all of your movements start with your core!


Tori Norton

Stretch Instructor

Tori teaches the “Deep Limber” classes. She offers poses to stretch the body, then cues you to bring breath into the pose. We target hip tightness, sciatica and headaches with appropriate poses, but It isn’t until we add the breath to the pose that we feel the ease in the body. These classes aim to get your body familiar with being comfortable and let that run through the cells. Come enjoy a class. Tori’s been teaching since 2011 and practicing since the 90s.


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Michael Schwartz

Be Limber Instructor

Michael Schwartz has been researching, practicing, and teaching human locomotion for over forty plus years after graduating from the University of Michigan. His work covers athletic performance enhancement, corrective exercise, strength and conditioning, and injury prevention and rehabilitation. 


Chris Strong

Strong Bodies Instructor

Chris is the founder of Strong Bodies LLC, designing a wide variety of classes and training to enable others to gain the many physical and mental benefits that come from exercise.  A certified personal trainer and former Division I college athlete, Chris draws on her education and personal experience to develop safe and cutting-edge training techniques to create challenging and fun exercise programs.  

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Nikki Fritz

Massage Therapy

Nikki describes her style of massage that has evolved over the years as intuitive deep tissue and therapeutic massage, and most recently, manual lymphatic drainage. She believes that massage and bodywork have the potential to find and release core muscle lines and fascial systems in the body, creating more efficiency, healing, space and movement.

It is a priority for Nikki that each person knows how important they are to any of the work being provided to them.


Rachel is a licensed massage therapist and a registered nurse. Prior to joining the Limber team, Rachel operated out of Falmouth and was a massage therapist at Aon Wellness Center for over 10 years.

Rachel Therrien

Massage Therapy

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Mindi received her professional massage training from Downeast School of Massage in Waldoboro, Maine. Mindi graduated in 2008 with a focus in Swedish, sports, deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, and neuromuscular therapy techniques. Mindi is also trained and certified in cupping, basalt river stone and Himalayan salt stone massage and Gua Sha. Along with being a Licensed Massage Therapist, Mindi is also a certified Reiki II Practitioner. 

Mindi Moran

Massage Therapy

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