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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help you regain function and reduce pain, so you can live a healthier, more active life. With a comprehensive, holistic approach, our team at Limber views the musculoskeletal, neurologic, respiratory, and sensory systems as interconnected and offers personalized treatment plans. By addressing the whole body, rather than just treating individual symptoms, Limber can help you achieve better outcomes and improve overall health.

Your Provider


Dr. Matthew O'Brien, PT, DPT

Physical Therapy

Matt is a Physical Therapist, dog-dad, ultrarunner, and outdoor enthusiast who loves helping people move and enjoy life the way they want to. Matt’s treatment approach focuses on viewing the body as a system, not a collection of parts. He received his BS in applied exercise science from the University of New England and his Doctorate in physical therapy from Northeastern University.


  • Pain relief: Physical therapy can help alleviate pain in various areas of the body, including the back, neck, and joints.

  • Improved mobility and function: Physical therapy can help improve mobility and function in individuals who have difficulty performing daily activities due to injury or illness. It helps to increase strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, allowing individuals to move with greater ease and efficiency.

  • Injury prevention: Physical therapy can help prevent injuries by identifying risk factors and implementing targeted interventions to address them. This includes education on proper body mechanics, strengthening exercises, and other strategies to help reduce the risk of injury during physical activity.

  • Improved quality of life: Physical therapy can have a positive impact on an individual's overall quality of life by improving physical function and reducing pain. 

Physical Therapy Services

Offerings + Details

Initial Visit: Consultation, Exam, Treatment (60min)

This is a thorough evaluation that assesses postural alignment, movement biases and adaptations, strength, mobility, and associated symptoms. After your evaluation, Dr. O'Brien will create an individualized plan on your specific needs, in order to help restore function and achieve your full potential.


Physical Therapy Visit (60min)

This appointment is for patients wanting an hour of focused, 1-on-1 care without distractions to address ongoing stiffness, pain, and limitations in function. This includes reviewing and tailoring home exercises, manual joint and soft tissue mobilization and manipulation, and corrective posture techniques.

Physical Therapy Visit (45min)

This appointment is for patients wanting 45 minutes of focused, 1-on-1 care without distractions to address one region of issue. This appointment is also best suited for patients who: have questions or concerns related to their home program, a mild to moderate flare in symptoms, have a new issue with an ongoing case, or require an additional session to decrease tension or stiffness.

Functional Movement Training (60min)

Dr. O'Brien will perform a movement screen to identify movement and positional biases to keep in mind when programming your routine. The session will focus on the client's goals and strength development while maintaining mobility. Patients will leave with a prescribed training plan with adjustments as needed in follow-up sessions. For acute pain, please refer to Physical Therapy offerings above.

Assisted Mobility Session (30min)

These sessions allow for guided and assisted mobility from Dr. O'Brien and aim to improve general fitness and mobility maintenance. For a thorough assessment and targeted therapy for pain, injury, or chronic tension/stiffness, please refer to Physical Therapy offerings above.

Running Gait Analysis (45min)

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