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Chiropractic Care

Balancing movement is the key to Dr. Ericson's chiropractic treatment approach. Her emphasis of care focuses on mitigating the impact on one's kinetic chain. This spread of mechanics allows your body to share the workload and decrease the wear and tear on one pinpoint region decreasing risk of injury, degenerative processes and even worse poor performance.  Dr. Ericson utilizes a broad range of techniques which include: diversified manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, fascial release, active stretching, cupping, Graston technique, and Rock tape to create a treatment plan for each individual patient. 


Massage Therapy

Our massage team customizes each treatment to maximize the benefits of massage therapy which can improve physical fitness, manage pain, reduce stress and increase immune function.  


Physical Therapy

The body is a highly connected system, not a collection of parts. Pain and stiffness indicate the system is not moving well and demands change! Dr. O'Brien utilizes a global approach to guide patients to better movement strategies with decreased pain and effort. Implementing principals from the Postural Restoration Institute, Dr. O'Brien's treatment techniques include: myofascial release, cupping, joint mobilization/manipulation, breath work, as well as gait and strength training to achieve maximal results for each individual patient. 

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