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Our Approach

At Limber, we believe in aligning your health and wellness goals with comprehensive, personalized care. Our team is built on the belief that collaboration between patient and provider is key to reaching new heights of health. We take pride in actively participating in our patients' wellness journeys - facilitating, supporting, listening, collaborating, and educating on the principles and how-to's of body awareness, biomechanics, fascial manipulation, postural correction, proper breathing, self-care, and more. This integrative approach allows our team to provide clear diagnoses and a full understanding of treatment options for our patients.

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Established over 15 years ago, Limber was founded by Dr. Casey Ericson with the goal of providing individualized, specialized treatment to help people live healthier, physically fulfilling lives. Throughout every step of the process, we aim to prevent, treat, and improve through customized plans built around your needs and goals. Combining preventative, daily movements with targeted, innovative treatments, Limber takes a 360° approach to address root issues and help the body become and stay aligned.


We believe that healthy joints move like the ocean, initiating a movement creates a ripple effect that flows to neighboring joints. This spread of momentum allows your body to share the workload and decrease the wear and tear on one particular area - thus decreasing risk of injury, degenerative processes and inhibited performance.

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