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Meet Dr. Ericson

Chiropractic Care


Dr. Casey Ericson, DC, is the founder of Limber. With over 15 years of experience, balancing movement is the key to Dr. Ericson's chiropractic treatment approach. Dr. Ericson utilizes a broad range of techniques which include: diversified manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, fascial release, active stretching, cupping, Graston technique, and Rock tape to create a treatment plan for each individual patient. 


Prior to establishing Limber, Casey was a Founder & Head Trainer at Maine Boot Camp.

The Story of Limber

Established over 15 years ago, Limber was founded by Dr. Casey Ericson with the goal of providing individualized, specialized treatment to help people live healthier, physically fulfilling lives. Throughout every step of the process, Dr. Ericson aims to prevent, treat, and improve through customized plans built around your needs and goals. Combining preventative, daily movements with targeted, innovative treatments, Limber takes a 360° approach to address root issues and help the body become and stay aligned.


Dr. Ericson believes that healthy joints move like the ocean, initiating a movement creates a ripple effect that flows to neighboring joints. This spread of momentum allows your body to share the workload and decrease the wear and tear on one particular area - thus decreasing risk of injury, degenerative processes and inhibited performance.

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