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Meet Dr. O’Brien

Physical Therapy


Dr. Matt O'Brien, PT, DPT is a Physical Therapist, dog-dad, ultrarunner, and outdoor enthusiast who loves helping people move and enjoy life the way they want to. With experience as a competitive long distance runner from 800 meters to 100 miles and everything in between, Matt understands the impact of injury and how challenging it can be to feel less than 100% in both sport and daily life. As much as he loves racing, he understands and appreciates many other forms of movement and the notion of being “balanced.”

Matt uses his personal experience as a provider and a patient himself to relate to everyone that he treats. He adheres to a strict 1-on-1 policy, dedicating full attention to every patient to achieve their specific goals. With a treatment approach tailored to every individual’s unique needs, effective and efficient physical therapy should be your expectation. 

Treatment Approach

Matt's treatment approach focuses on viewing the body as a system, not a collection of parts. The musculoskeletal, neurologic, respiratory, and sensory systems are interwoven and interact at all times. He focuses on showing you how and what to do to make lasting change. His favorite thing to teach patients is: “You already have everything you need to feel better….you just need to learn how to use it.”


Matt received his BS in applied exercise science from the University of New England and his Doctorate in physical therapy from Northeastern University. He lives locally and when he isn’t seeing patients, you can bet he is running, biking, skiing, or hiking with his wife and dogs.

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